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After several years of silence and his return in 2017 with a concert within the framework of the Ciudad Emergente festival, Arbol will be presented by the Argentina Show Live platform for the whole world, in what will be an intimate and unforgettable show, making a review of all his hits and advancing new songs.

Since their return in 2017, the band has released two new songs: “Tiembla el piso” and “La vida es todo lo que vos te amo”. Tree is currently finalizing what will be his new record material that will be released this year.

Árbol es:
Pablo Romero: Voz, guitarra.
Hernán Bruckner: Guitarra, teclados, melódica, charango, voz.
Sebastián Bianchini: Bajo, stick, voz.
Martín Millan: Batería, xilofón, voz.

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